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PREORDER (Dispatch Late Nov.)- Baby Play Mat - Whimsical Woodland / Into The Ocean (Small)


  • Design and Features
  • Warranty and Care

  • 'Where water meets the land, they found the strength to stand, living life with no plans to where the water meets the land.'

    SIDE 1 'Whimsical Woodland' provides you a close-up glimpse of the whimsical world hiding deep within the woods, showcasing our beautiful butterflies, mushrooms birds, bees, flowers and trees. 

    SIDE 2 'Into the Ocean' is an exploration of all the sea mammals in our amazing oceans. A great way to teach our children the importance of conservation and treating our sea life with compassion.

    Made from the highest quality polyurethane, our 'Whimsical Woodland' baby play mat is designed to be the joy in any room in the house.

    Baby Play Mat Collection

    Play mat benefits for your baby:
    • Cognitive, Visual and Motor Skills development.  
    • Stimulates a baby to crawl and use legs, hands and arms to explore.
    • Perfect for tummy time and yoga.

    Sizes Description:

    • Size: 140 cm (long) x 100 cm (wide). Note that the photos are of our larger mat.
    • Thickness: 1.5 cm. This is the thickest play mat available on the market and is what we use for all our mats.

    Product Description:

    • Our Baby Play Mats are the highest-quality non-toxic polyurethane.
    • Super soft and durable is the best way to describe them. Think yoga mat!
    • They are very easy to clean - Soft damp cloth or mild detergent only.
    • Suitable for all ages - From newborns to grandparents!
    • Fully reversible with an amazing design on each side.
    • Storage made easy with simply rolling them up with supplied Velcro straps.
    • Completely waterproof making any spills simple to clean.
    • Fully compliant with the highest International Standards (EN71).


    • QLD, NSW, VIC - A flat rate of $14.95.
    • SA, TAS, NT, CAN, WA- A flat rate of $14.95.
    • INTERNATIONAL- Due to their size, unfortunately our XL designs cannot be shipped. Our small designs however can and will be calculated at Checkout.
  • Warranty 

    Shop with confidence with our 6 month manufacturers warranty! If you find that there are any defects or factory errors The Young Folk Collective with replace your baby play mat instantly.

    This warranty however does not include damage caused by improper use of the mat. See below Love and Care Instructions for your play mat.  

    Love and Care

    Play Mat Infographic


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