Moses Basket Safety


One of our most frequently asked questions our customers ask us is 'How long can you use a Moses basket?'.

As there are no Australian Standards for bassinets or Moses baskets, we recommend our Moses baskets as a supervised sleeping device for newborns. Once your baby can roll over, push up or crawl, we suggest seeking alternative bedding. 

Use only the mattress provided, as this has been designed to fit the dimensions of your individual basket. It is advised not to add additional bedding or pillows.

It is recommended by Red Nose Australia that infants be placed on their backs to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS, visit Red Nose for safe sleeping advice. 

Always place your basket on a firm and flat surface. It is recommended that you place the handles of the basket in an outward position when the basket is in use.

Do not carry your baby in the basket, remove your baby first from the basket and carry separately while you relocate the basket. 

Always keep your basket away from hazards such as fire/flames, heaters, stoves, window blinds etc.