African basket weaver
We are partnered with the most reputable weaving compound in Ghana, for us this is a huge step forward and for you as our customer it means:

🌿 The quality and integrity of your basket is the highest on the market.

🌿 Each weaver is not only initially paid the asking price for each item, they are also paid an extra commission on top of each basket sold.

🌿 We are able to employ more weavers, and in turn better meet our demand.

🌿 We can work closely on the basket designs to bring you the latest styles and colours.

🌿 We are making a bigger impact by contributing directly to measurable employment and infrastructure.

Where are our baskets made? 

Our baskets are made in Bolgatanga and surrounding villages in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

By buying a basket you are supporting the weavers, their families and communities, by creating an income and preserving the fine art of basket weaving. 

Ghana as our point of import was an easy choice as it is the home to so many highly skilled artisans. Combining the uniqueness of the product, with the social development aspect, made it a no brainer for us. We are extremely passionate about making positive differences in people’s lives and giving them a hand up, not a hand out. 

What are our baskets made out of?

The baskets are woven from elephant grass, which grows abundantly in this region of sub-Saharan Africa. The tough nature of the elephant grass, together with the skilful weaving technique of the artisans, passed from generation to generation, makes these individually woven baskets strong, durable and flexible. 

The majority of the grass is hand-dyed using traditional natural dyes made from plants and minerals as well as non-toxic fabric dyes to achieve contemporary colours. The natural grass is boiled in the dyes in cast iron or aluminium vats before being sundried.

The handles of the baskets are covered with cured leather or rubber (vegan) for reinforcement. 

As our baskets are made from all natural fibres, they are best kept in a well ventilated room. 

How do you reshape your Moses or Marketa basket?

We have shaped your Moses Basket & Marketa for you prior to shipping, sometimes during the transportation process, they may bend a tiny bit out of shape. To straighten your basket, simply wet the area and mold back into shape with your hands, then let dry in the sun or indoors under a fan.  

Please refer to Reshaping info here.