Your 'Marketa' basket may arrive flattened for ease of shipping, the baskets are very malleable making the reshaping process extremely quick and easy following the steps below. You will be able to use your basket before you know it!
  1. Hold the handle and push out the basket from the bottom centre with your other hand. 

  2. Wet the entire basket with cool water. This can be done easily by running under a tap or filling a bathtub or deep sink.

  3. Immerse the basket in the water, up to just above the coil (rim).

  4. Shake off the excess water.

  5. Let the basket sit for a couple of minutes to allow water to penetrate the straw.

  6. Push the basket back into shape. To get a flat bottom, finish the shaping process by pushing the base against the floor while holding onto the coil.

  7. Allow to dry outside in the sun or under a fan undisturbed.