Organic Muslin Wraps

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  • Bundle and automatically save - Choose and 3 baby muslin wraps for only $99.

    Original designs created by renowned Byron Bay artist Harley and J made into the dreamiest muslin wrap swaddles you will ever own.

    • Our Muslin Wraps are made from 70% Bamboo + 30% GOTs certified organic cotton.
    • The are conveniently large at a size of 120cm x 120cm.
    • Lightweight and extremely breathable is the best way to describe them.
    • Muslin Wraps that are machine washable, keeping their softness with every wash.
    • They have multiple uses - Perfect swaddle for your baby, change mat, pram shade, beach throw, nursing cover, burp cloth, lightweight blanket... and the list goes on!
    • Naturally stretchy for extra comfort.
  • How to Swaddle a Baby

    muslin wraps
    muslin wraps

    Place your muslin wrap baby blanket on your bed or soft flat surface such as our baby play mat and orient it like a diamond as shown above. When bringing the top point down, it should end up at the centre of the muslin wrap. Place your baby on the blanket with their neck, right above the edge of top fold.

    muslin wraps
    muslin swaddle wrap

    Holding your baby's right arm against their side, grab the muslin wrap about 10 cm below their right shoulder and draw the baby blanket down and across her body. Tuck it under her left buttock.  Next, grab the free muslin wrap beside her left shoulder and tug if firmly away from your baby with your right hand to remove any slack.

    muslin wraps australia
    muslin wraps how to wrap a baby

    Holding your baby's left arm against their side, bring the point at the bottom of the blanket straight up and place it on their left shoulder. Tuck the blanket edge snugly around the left arm. Again, pull the last corner of the muslin wrap to remove and slack.

    organic muslin wraps
    muslin wraps

    Holding the smidge on the chest, grab the last free blanket corner and pull it straight out (away from her body) to remove any slack. Then, in one smooth motion, lift that corner up and straight across her a belt.  Then, snug it and tuck it into the front of the “belt.”

    The arms will be held snug and straight, but the legs should be loose enough to bend at the knee and open at the hips.

    One burrito baby served!

  • Uses for our Muslin Wraps


    This is the most common way a muslin can be used. These wraps are perfect for swaddling your baby as they are lightweight. Due to them being 70% bamboo, they are naturally stretchy, keeping your baby nice and snug.

    See tab ''How to Swaddle' for instructions on how to swaddle your baby.


    Easily throw your muslin wrap over your shoulder before placing yours there before burping. This provides your baby with a comfortable spot for burping time without risking your favourite shirt when burping your baby.

    Our muslin wraps can be used time and time, so no need to worry about getting them dirty!


    Are you feeding on the go? A lightweight muslin wrap makes the perfect cover for you and your baby to feel secure in public. It also acts as a distraction for your baby and makes them feel safe.


    The natural fibres of our muslin wraps make the perfect cloth for a teething baby. To make it even better, wrap an ice cube of water or milk (breast or formula) in it which will help soothe their sensitive gums even more.

    Change Table

    When you are out and about and need a flat surface for a changing table, you don't always feel comfortable with the surfaces available being cold or unhygienic. Place a muslin wrap down, and both you and your baby will feel a lot more comfortable.