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Baby Changing Basket - ‘Snow’ (Mattress Included)


Exciting News! Now all our changing baskets come with our new padded mattress with removable waterproof cover, valued at $29.95 for FREE.

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Our baby change baskets are made with soft organic seagrass, with colours and patterns exclusive to The Young Folk Collective, adding a unique touch to your home and nursery. 

  • Designed to be used on a suitably sized baby change table, on the floor, or around the home. 
  • Make a great alternative to a traditional baby change table.
  • Easily portable, allowing the basket to come to your baby.

These baskets are lightweight, designed to move with ease from room to room, nappy change to nappy change. 

Made with natural fibres, our baskets are completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sized at approximately 75cm x 35cm (excluding handle), with slight variations from basket to basket due to their unique hand-woven nature.

Our baskets are a special family keepsake to be handed down from sibling to sibling, or transformed into the perfect place for clothes, toys, fruit, used as a serving tray etc once your baby grows.

Our changing baskets are Fair Trade certified. We're proud that each purchase of our baskets goes to supporting local Vietnam artisans and their families. We empower the artisans by creating an income for their family and ensuring the continuation of the fine art of weaving. 

Please note: Due to different monitor settings colours may vary slightly from photos.

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