5 Best Muslin Wraps & Baby Swaddles 2022 | The Best How-To Guide

Muslin wrap organic swaddle

Being a new parent is confusing, right?

Bringing a new life into the world is a heck of a lot of responsibility. With this responsibility comes new skills and knowledge that you have to obtain and gather.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions, or are too embarrassed to ask? Trust us, you're not alone!

This article is to help you gain some simple knowledge and tips on everything you need to know about baby wraps and swaddles.

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We will also provide you with a list of unique Australian brands that, through our research, provide exceptional muslin wraps and baby swaddles which will suit the needs of every baby (and parents)! Click here to go straight to list

This blog is 'Muslin Wraps & Baby Swaddles 2022 | The Best How-To Guide.

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What is the difference between a Muslin Wrap and Swaddle Sack?

When it comes to swaddling your baby, there are a few different options available to you. You can use a swaddle blanket, which is a large square of fabric that you wrap around your baby; a swaddle sack, which is a pre-made swaddle with arms and legs enclosed; or a muslin wrap.

Muslin wraps 

are made of a lightweight, breathable fabric typically using organic cotton that is less likely to cause overheating. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect wrap for your baby. Muslin wraps are also easy to use - just tie them around your baby's body and go! If you're looking for a simple, lightweight organic cotton swaddle solution, a muslin wrap is a great option.

Swaddle sacks 

are a great way to swaddle your baby. They are made out of a soft, lightweight fabric and they wrap around your baby like a cocoon. Swaddle sacks come in different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your baby. They also have a zipper closure, which makes it easy to swaddle your baby. Swaddle sacks are a great alternative to swaddling your baby with a blanket. They are soft, lightweight, and breathable, which makes them perfect for summer weather. Plus, they are easy to use and machine-washable 

What does T.O.G. stand for and do you need to know?

Thermal Overall Grade, or TOG rating, is a measure of how well a fabric regulates the temperature of an infant. The thermal overall grade is determined by how well the fabric absorbs and releases moisture, as well as how well it insulates.

Put simply, a high TOG rating of 3.5 is for cooler temperatures of 14-16°C, and a low TOG rating of 0.2 is for warmer temperatures of 24-27°C.

Note that muslin wraps won't have a TOG rating for them as they are simply designed for comfort and not insulation.

Swaddling: How to safely swaddle your baby for sleep?

How can one manage their newborn with ease? How do we keep our babies safe during sleep in our bedroom?

Swaddling your infant helps them to be calm by mimicking comfort in the place. Wrapping blankets helps to keep babies warm as they sleep. Wrappings need to remain firm enough so the baby feels cosy or supported but not tight enough to keep the baby from moving around. It's easy to use muslin wrapping to swaddle your baby.

Swaddling a baby is an age-old practice that can help them feel secure and comfortable to help them settle. Here are some easy steps to swaddle your baby:

muslin wraps

muslin wraps

Place your muslin wrap baby blanket on your bed or soft flat surface such as our baby play mat and orient it like a diamond as shown above. When bringing the top point down, it should end up at the centre of the muslin wrap. Place your baby on the blanket with their neck, right above the edge of the top fold.

muslin wraps

muslin swaddle wrap

Holding your baby's right arm against their side, grab the muslin wrap about 10 cm below their right shoulder and draw the baby blanket down and across her body. Tuck it under her left buttock. Next, grab the free muslin wrap beside her left shoulder and tug it firmly away from your baby with your right hand to remove any slack.

muslin wraps australia

muslin wraps how to wrap a baby

Holding your baby's left arm against their side, bring the point at the bottom of the blanket straight up and place it on their left shoulder. Tuck the blanket edge snugly around the left arm. Again, pull the last corner of the muslin wrap to remove and slack.

organic muslin wraps

best muslin wrap

Holding the smidge on the chest, grab the last free blanket corner and pull it straight out (away from her body) to remove any slack. Then, in one smooth motion, lift that corner up and straight across her forearms...like a belt. Then, snug it and tuck it into the front of the “belt.”

The arms will be held snug and straight, but the legs should be loose enough to bend at the knee and open at the hips.

One burrito baby served!

Tell me the purpose of Swaddle Wraps?

Swaddle wraps has become a traditional method of wrapping children in cocoons in hopes of providing comfort for them. The baby wriggles around their neck to stop sudden flails in their hands that snaps them awake and breaks all the hard work to get them to sleep. This flailing movement is called morpho, or alarm reflexes.

The baby can be jerked every 20 minutes. It is completely normal and begins during pregnancy. Intense noise or bright lighting can trigger the reactions. Swaddle wraps can calm the jerky movements while still allowing you to feel comfortable.

How long should you swaddle a baby for?

Swaddling a baby is a great way to help them feel comfortable and secure. Depending on the baby's age, you will want to swaddle them for different lengths of time.

Newborn babies should be swaddled for about two hours at a time, while 3-month-olds can be swaddled for up to four hours at a time. After six months, you can stop swaddling the baby altogether. Swaddling a baby for too long can cause them to become too hot and uncomfortable.

Swaddling can be a great way to help your baby sleep soundly, but make sure to follow the guidelines above to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

Is swaddling for every baby?

Each baby is unique. Certain prefer to sleep within the confinements of the womb, while others enjoy the freedom of sleeping with their hands out, but others do not like to be swaddled in the bed.

For these babies we suggest that you use Swaddle bags to make the bed without a wrist strap. Once the toddlers reach three months old you have the opportunity to try our sleeping bags for infants. No matter what pouch you choose, safe sleeping conditions are important.

best muslin wrap

What are the best brands to buy from?

If you're here looking for a quality Australian brand to buy a muslin wrap or swaddle from, then look no further. Here are some of the best brands available:

The Young Folk Collective Kids Play Mat

The Young Folk Collective

organic muslin wrap swaddle

Here at The Young Folk Collective, we have carefully selected our muslin wraps design and materials based on the softest materials around and up-to-date prints.

Price: $39 (120 cm x 120 cm)

  • Our Wraps are made from 70% Bamboo + 30% GOTs certified organic cotton.
  • They are conveniently large at a size of 120cm x 120cm.
  • Lightweight and extremely breathable is the best way to describe them.
  • Wraps that are machine washable, keeping their softness with every wash.
  • They have multiple uses - Perfect swaddle for your baby, change mat, pram shade, beach throw, nursing shield, burp cloth, lightweight blanket... and the list goes on!
  • Naturally stretchy for extra comfort.

Other Australian Brands:

Through our research, we have determined that the below companies are also producing unique baby muslin swaddles and swaddle sacks.

Swaddling can be a great way to help your baby sleep through

So there you have it – some of the best Australian brands for organic cotton muslin wraps and swaddles. Whether you're looking for a soft and gentle wrap, or something with a fun design, there's definitely something out there to suit your needs. happy shopping!


Orgainc Muslin Swaddle

Price: $49 (120 cm x 120 cm)

What we love: 

Their retro designs and colour pallet is a stand out for us. Like us at The Young Folk Collective, Banabae creates their soft muslin wraps from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo, making them one of the softest on the market.

Snuggle Hunny Kids

Cotton Muslin Wrap

Price: $36.95 (120 cm x 120 cm)

What we love: 

Looking for a soft and breathable way to keep your little one warm? Look no further than the Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Cotton Wrap! This organic cotton wrap is perfect for keeping your child comfortable and cozy. Plus, the wrap can be used as a nursing shield or stroller, bassinet or cot cover. With so many uses, the Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Cotton Wraps is a must-have for any parents!

Love To Dream

Swaddle Sack

Price: $49.95 (Newborn Swaddle Sack)

What we love: 

Love To Dream is our pick for a high quality cotton swaddle sack. They are trusted by thousands of parents in Australia and for good reason. Their award winning swaddle sacks are designed to give your newborn a good night sleep

Aden + Anais

swaddle sack organic cotton

Price: $69.95 (3 x Newborn Swaddle Sack)

What we love: 

This swaddle sack from Aden + Anais is made from soft cotton muslin and features a simple design that makes it easy to use. It's also breathable, which helps to prevent your baby from overheating.