Meet | Tess from Twigden Farm

Meet | Tess from Twigden Farm

Tess Twigden lives on a small farm in the Fleurieu Region of South Australia with her husband of 17 years, Tom and their two daughters, Marlowe, 5 and Mae, 2.

Tom works as a firefighter for the SAMFS, he is also an incredible cook, gardener and together they are renovating a little shed to create a romantic rustic B&B.

There they are joined by their dog Ned and Biscuit the cat, plus a few chickens and sheep. 

Take a walk through the beautiful Twidgen Farm with us...


My typical day looks like... there will always be mouths to feed (animals too) house work, school and some business to attend too (because I work from home) but my favourite parts are our evening walks down to the end of the dirt road each night and the reading of books to the girls and for myself. There might also be some time for tinkering about because I am a bowerbird after all. 

Right now I’m loving ... maternity shoots at the farm! I am also loving all the connections and friendships I am creating with like minded people through sharing my journey on Instagram.

I’m happiest when ... together with family and friends... on a Sunday... at home... with food and wine... and I have a good book to read that night.

I’m inspired by... my family, my friends (Instagram friends too), nature and of course with photography it's all about the light...the way it dances on everything.

I’d advise my younger self to ... follow your passions.

Motherhood is ...'s also about seeing all the beauty in the world for the first time.

My words of wisdom are... there are two sides to every story...and it's ok if some people never know yours.


Word | Forager.

Sound | Rain on the tin roof while the fire crackles inside. My girls singing softly to themselves. 

Smell | My daughter's hair, my husband's favourite old jumper, our home when bread is baking in the oven.

Place | Home.

Music | Cruise1323 is always playing on the radio in our kitchen.

Book | Too many favourites but the first one to ever make a stamp on my heart as a child was Lily and Me by Moses Aaron.

Time of day | Golden hour 

Your page is filled with magical images of your beautiful property Twigden Farm, what drew you to this lifestyle?

The opportunities are endless, the room to move and be a part of nature. The smells, the sounds, the taste of your own produce from the garden...did I mention the view! We feel very lucky to call this place our home. Watching the kids run across the paddocks has to be one of my favourites. 

There you run a rustic B&B, photography sessions and have a vintage marketplace on the side - all whilst raising two daughters. What advise would you give others looking to make their passions into an income?

Currently still renovating our B&B but can not wait to open it! My advise would be, believe you can...believe in yourself and your already half way there! Finding your tribe/community and the right people who support and appreciate you are also a must.

What is one thing you hope to teach your daughters?
"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet." - Emily Dickinson
Have courage to be yourself, be kind and polite, choose happiness every day. You have lots of love to share and be a good friend who cares. Life is beautiful.