Meet | Taryn from Happy Puku

Meet | Taryn from Happy Puku

We love anything imperfect with a sense of humour and a whole lot of adventure, this is where the Happy Puku team comes in! Consisting of Taryn and her fur beast Puku the wonder dog, her fiancé Andrew pops his logical thoughts and efficiency tips in too. 

Designed and screen printed by hand in Brisbane, no two prints are ever the same, just like people & places. That's just the way Taryn likes it. Then sewn together for handmade happiness. 

Each piece is unique and limited edition. That's just the joy of printmaking. So once an item is gone, that's all folks!

I started my business because I started making gifts for friends. I wanted to create happy products - with positive affirmations, crazy on colour and fun. 

My typical day looks like when in the studio - wake up call by Puku, tea/coffee, emails/updates, then either sewing, prepping for markets, printing, designing OR everything at the same damn time.

Right now I’m loving my garden and the endless life you can create.

I’m happiest when printing in the studio with some sweet tunes.

I’m inspired by everything - colours, patterns, seasons.

I’d advise my younger self to not get that damn perm - those dream ringlets became patty & selma (the simpsons).

My idea of success is earning enough to be my own boss & live a simple life, off grid.

My words of wisdom are all we have is now.

Word | Pal.
Sound | Rain whilst I'm sleeping.
Smell | Roast pork.
Place | A book or fabric store, or Spain. 
Food | I am currently obsessed with good italian food - did someone day truffles?!
Time of day | Mid-morning - coffee time.
Book | Harry Potter - all of them.

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