Meet | Sophie Vine from Vines of The Wild

Meet | Sophie Vine from Vines of The Wild

You probably remember Sophie Vine from her successful stint on The Block back in 2012, however this multitasking Mama has achieved so much more in recent years. Having created ‘Vines of the Wild’ - an elegantly curated children and baby store inspired by nature, renovating her home in Melbourne’s southwest and raising her beautiful family with husband Dale, sons Van and Shepherd and daughter Dulcie.

Grab a cup of tea and as we catch up on motherhood, sustainable fashion and a day in the life of Sophie.


My typical day looks like... the same thing everyday, haha. The kids are my focus, sometimes I have time to do work on the business or keep a tidy house but mostly, I just tend to their needs of being fed, being put down for naps and engaging them in play, it’s repetitive but the best!

Right now I’m loving ... books! Every spare second I have right now is spent with my nose in a book.

I’m happiest when ... I’m with my family.

I’m inspired by... Nature.

I’d advise my younger self to ... Relax.

Motherhood is ... Rewarding.

My words of wisdom are... ‘This too shall pass’ (hardships will pass with time but also don’t wish time away as the good times go all too fast as well).

Word | Joy.

Sound | My kids laughter.

Smell | Christmas tree.

Place | The beach.

Music | Country.

Book | A Company of Swans.

Time of day | Bedtime story.

How has your life changed since becoming a mother? Everything has changed, as cliched as that sounds - but totally for the better.

Your social media is filled with beautiful Australian brands. What do you love about Australian fashion? There is so much talent in this country and I love supporting local. Slow, sustainable fashion with quality fabrics and ethical practices has to be the way of the future.

You also run your own gorgeous business ‘Vines of the Wild’ - what was the inspiration behind this? How do you find/manage the juggle of business and motherhood? Let’s be clear, I am rubbish at the balance! Motherhood always comes first and unfortunately the business does suffer often because of that. I have a small team that keeps on top of sending out orders but I do lack in time to design new products and stay on top of marketing etc. I know when the kids are older, I’ll be able to give the business more of my ‘all’ but I wouldn’t want to wish these years away while the kids are so little, I don’t want to miss anything.

What is one thing that you hope to teach your children? Have courage and be kind. Have courage to go after their dreams, but also courage to stand up for what’s right. Be kind to others but be kind to themselves and kind to our planet. 

Sophie Wears //

Margo Embroidered Reversible Women's Dress // Sand + Ochre Embroidery

Arlo Women's Lounge Set // Ochre

Lola Embroidered Reversible Women's Jumpsuit // Ochre

Dulcie Wears // 

Margo Embroidered Reversible Child Dress // Sand + Ochre Embroidery