Meet | Sophia El'Rae from Cultivate Motherhood

Meet | Sophia El'Rae from Cultivate Motherhood

Sophia El'Rae is a wife to Aaron and a mother to two sweet daughters Beatrice Eleanor and Elouise Lucille, with a passion for taking photos and writing words from her heart in an attempt to bottle up the magic, excitement, struggle, and inspiration motherhood has given her.

Take a moment to get lost in the dreaminess of her images and the heartfelt support and love she holds for all joining her in this journey.


My typical day looks like … a balance of engaging with my babes, getting my sweet Beatrice off to school, working out, lunch, than working while my daughter naps! Of course laundry and dishes are always there.

Right now I’m loving … Oxford shoes.

I’m happiest when  I’m hiking and outside with my family. 

I’m inspired by … Brene brown she’s a very well known author.

I’d advise my younger self to … speak up and love myself more! 

Motherhood is …chaotic, stretching, abundant, magical, purposeful. 

My words of wisdom are … You are a walking beam of light. A hidden jewel, ready to be shined. A breathing, living, work of valuable art. Believe it. Speak it. This is you. 


Word | Bravery 

Sound | The rain

Smell | The smell of fresh rain 

Place | Oregon Coast 

Food | Mexican 

Time of day | 2pm


You advocate for the empowerment of women and mothers, what are you most passionate about and what changes would you like to see? I am passionate about women speaking their truths, chasing after their whole selves to find the freedom and love they deserve. I am an advocate for sexual trauma, I’ve been through it myself. And it is my passion to empower others to live a life a freedom by allowing them selves to be vulnerable. Through being vulnerable we pave a way for others to find freedom, and peace as well. When we share our stories we heal ourselves as well.


You have a beautifully unique style, what are the main inspirations behind it? I’ve always been drawn to a more natural style, vintage vibes, and retro fashion. Sometimes I wish I could have grown up in a different era with my babies haha! Nature inspires me as well. I feel like myself most when I’m among trees and mountains. 


Life must get challenging being a Mother of two with a husband deployed, what is your advise for those with loved ones awayIt is absolutely hard. No doubt about it! But I believe that we must ask for help when we need it, we must lean into our feelings and not stuff them. For me I’ve really leaned into all the feelings of anger, frustration, bravery, and connection. All of these things are apart of being human. But I refuse to shy away from growth. I know the only way to grow is to be present in the hard seasons of life. 


What is one thing you hope to teach your daughters? That not matter what them being true to who they are will always be enough. Their voice, their passions and dreams are not little they are apart of who they are and where they are headed.  


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