Meet | Sheila and Sarah from Dusty Child

Meet | Sheila and Sarah from Dusty Child

Sheila and Sarah are sisters from the Gold Coast and mums to five beautiful children between them. Their gorgeous kids were the inspiration for starting their collection of earthy, island vibe and bohemian style trends through brand Dusty Child, sourcing unique pieces that represent their little wanderer’s love of adventuring, beaches and the Gold Coast lifestyle.

Their little tribe loves connecting with the local community and spend most Sunday’s at their favourite local designer markets ‘The Village Markets’. They are passionate about the beautiful vibe that circulates in both the online and local markets scene that supports small businesses, especially family businesses. 

We started our business because we wanted to share with our local community our favourite pieces that our children love to wear, who are by Australian Designers and reflect our Gold Coast lifestyle. We are also in the process of designing our own collection.

Our typical day looks like professional connoisseurs of coffees/ice creams and cuisines, all whilst carrying babies on both hands or whilst on lunch breaks at work.

Right now we're loving RnB Fridays, we catch up with our Mum & Bubs tribe and usually start our mornings off dancing to our favourite beats and calling each other singing like a dag but thinking we are rather cool.

We're happiest when our kids are happy, healthy, singing, dancing, laughing, learning – enjoying life!

We are inspired by our mother who never fails to make sure even her big kids are smiling.

We'd advise our younger selves to not apologise for choosing to be kinder to ourselves.

Motherhood is everything, nothing compares to the fulfilment of being a mother.

Our words of wisdom are to always practice patience. Teach your children the principals of being patient and show them that by being patient you can learn to appreciate life, family and friends in many more ways if we lived in the moment more.

Word | Tanga! Which means foolish, or stupid in tagalog (Filipino language) But we say it in an endearing way (well most of the time ha ha!) If we call you tanga it pretty much means your family.

Sound | Giggles (forever clucky over kids giggles).

Smell | Coffee (nothing better than coffee especially on our Sunday mornings at the markets).

Place | Home, we come from a very close family and live by mi casa, su casa!

Food | Mum & Dads home-made Filipino and Iranian food, the best! Oh and Mexican of course!

Time of Day | Afternoons, when everyone’s home from school, kindy, work and it’s time to kick off the shoes, eat and catch up on how everyone’s day was. Then when the kids are in bed and it’s time to pour that glass of wine and enjoy a bit of silence.

Book | Anne of Green Gables… it’s a favourite of both us sisters and our eldest of our little tribe Bella, who picked this up as her first chapter book at the age 6.

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