Meet | Leticia from Letoto and The Raws

Meet | Leticia from Letoto and The Raws

We travel (virtually) to the shores of Key Biscayne, Florida, lying between two large parks consisting of sheltered beaches, mangroves and tropical forest inhabited by birdlife, butterflies and loggerhead turtles.

In this piece of paradise we chat to the soul shining Leticia from Letoto and the Raws and her beautiful family - Husband Nacho and children Lola, Nico, Pipe (Felipe) and newborn babe Matilda.

Leto's life mantra is simple, yet divine - Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life.

My typical day looks like beach and everything water related and lots of hugs and cuddles.

Right now I’m lovingour newborn paradise! We can’t get enough of our little Matilda, we are all under her spell.

I’m happiest whenwe are all together. Hubby travels a lot so when he is here we are the happiest.

I’m inspired by everyone who knows how to give their best without wanting anything in exchange, those who make life easier for the rest of humanity and at the same time gift us with joy and laughter (those are usually our kids).

I’d advise my younger self tolive the present moment, enjoy and embrace every single second and take care of your people, yourself and Mother Nature.

Motherhood ismagic. It’s the best feeling in the world, the deepest and prettiest unconditional love, the most amazing superpower we have and a miracle!! For me it’s everything.

My words of wisdom are as long as you are loving, gentle and kind to people everything else will be fine.

Word | Joy.

Sound | Kids laugh.

Smell | Jasmine.

Place | Home.

Food | Açaí bowl.

Time of day | 7pm.

What made you want to share a snippet of your life on social media? My little sister! She suggested that we should share our family lifestyle cause I always made things look super easy and many people could benefit from it. Also the fact that we are from the world (some of us are from Spain, others from Mexico and others from the US) gave us the chance to show our family and friends how we are doing and how everything is easy when done with the family and for the family. All that combined lead to share our life in social media with the only purpose of making those who follow us happy!

What drew you to a life in Miami? Hubby’s job mainly but we have history with this city! When we were young my husband and I studied here at UM (University of Miami). By that time we already had Lola (she also went to UM haha, but to the amazing kinder they have inside the campus) our first daugther who learnt how to walk and talk here so we were already in love with this place thanks to those memories. She was just 10 months when we moved here the first time. Also the sea and the weather, we are water and summer people.

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What is your advice on how to create a healthy lifestyle? Learn to love yourself and appreciate your body and mind! That will lead you to really want to take care of you and those around you! Before I had my kids I never thought about it but when you have to set the example healthy comes easier cause you want to give them the absolute BEST.

You travel a lot with your family, what are your favourite destinations? Our favourite destinations are Hawaii and the snow - anywhere with snow is perfect for us.

What is one thing you hope to teach your four babies? To be happy, that’s the main thing I’d love for them to learn! I just want to see that no matter what they do, the 4 of them are happy and make those around them feel the same way!

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