Meet | Lauren from Pikanini

Meet | Lauren from Pikanini
Surrounded by a house of boys including partner Tom and littles Alex and Ethan in Victoria's Ocean Grove, Lauren fills her days making bandana bibs with the coolest designs we have come across. Hello Pikanini! Made using high quality cottons and with an absorbent lining, they are the perfect accessory for any teething bubba and are adjustable to fit 3-24 months. 

I started by business because Alex was a super dribbly baby and I really struggled to find bibs that were absorbent enough while still looking good. After months of designing and product testing, I finally developed a design which did both. The demand grew among friends and family, then word spread and the business grew from there.

My typical day looks like we head out exploring in the morning to the park/beach/zoo then Alex and Ethan have a nap at midday while I work on the webiste or answer emails. Then the afternoon is usually spent making a mess of the house (also known as playing!) or we head to our favourite kid-friendly cafe and the boys play with new friends they meet there.

Right now I’m loving silence. It's a rare commodity in our house!

I’m happiest when I'm underwater. I love scuba diving and don't get to do it now as much as I would like to (plus it gets cold in the Southern Ocean!).

I’m inspired by my mother.

I’d advise my younger self to relax, help others and have fun!

Motherhood is completely unexpected. It doesn't matter how much exposure you have to kids when you're younger or how prepared you are for the first baby, motherhood is always so different for everyone.

My words of wisdom are not actually my words but those of Dr Seuss. "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."


Word | Shhhh... no words, just silence.

Sound | RJD2 is such a talented artist and great music to work to.

Smell | Freshly baked goods. Mmmmm carbs.

Place | Diving in the Red Sea. Truly amazing.

Food | Chocolate. None of that 'healthy' 90% cacoa stuff either, give me the rich and decadent type that goes straight to the hips.

Time of day | I have to admit, most days I really look forward to nap time. It's the one time of day where I get to have an uninterupted meal.

Book | Since having babies, I'm much more of a magazine girl. I'm such a nerd though (think magazines like New Scientist and Time).

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