Meet | Jemma Farrow from Zarpar Bebê

Meet | Jemma Farrow from Zarpar Bebê

Jemma brings a little piece of Nepal to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, spending her days handcrafting the most beautifully understated baby carriers alongside her tornado toddler Kyon, sassy doll Zahlee and Brazilian love Lucas.

Zarpar Bebê, aptly named meaning to 'set sail and to begin a journey’, works closely with the beautiful women at SABAH NEPAL, a social-business organisation helping to strengthen the livelihoods of financially deprived and marginalized home based women workers in Nepal.

Zarpar's carriers are for lovers of tradition and seekers of simplicity, designed with your lifestyle in mind, using only eco conscious natural trims and fabrics.

We personally use Jemma's Bohemian Sands Snap Carrier and not only do we love the neutral tones and textures, it is one of the comfiest carriers we have found on the market. 

I started my business because before having my family, I worked as a retail buyer for some high street fashion chains.  It was during my career I began witnessing the negative back end of the industry affecting so many.  After my son was born, I realised it wasn't an industry image I wanted to model for my babies.  

Zarpar was born from my drive to want to help improve the lives of those who have been underprivileged, my passion from gorgeous handmade artisanal textiles and my devotion to natural and connected parenting of my little loves.

My typical day looks like mostly total chaos! A combination of toddler requests, meltdowns, sewing, cooking, playgrounds, emails, more sewing, more melt downs and coffee!

Right now I’m loving yoga & sleep! 

I’m happiest when our day has no agenda.  There is no sweeter time spent than being led by my kids exploring the wonders around them!

I’m inspired by a slower way of life.

I’d advise my younger self to be responsible for your own happiness and let go of expectations!

Motherhood is a journey of discovery.  I have learnt more about myself and the life I want to live in these short 3 years.

My words of wisdom are  trust yourself, trust your instincts and never compare yourself.


Sound | My babies chatter and laughter. 
Smell | Jasmine flowers - it reminds me of our Brazilian holidays. 
Place | Aracaju, Brazil - our tropical second home!
Food | Acai, Coconut, Mango - all together or on their own! 
Time of day | Mid morning - I’m drinking coffee and enjoying my little people.
Book | It’s been a loooong time since I picked up a book! Does a recipe book count? The Minimalist Baker is my everyday read! 

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