Meet | Hannah from Bam Loves Boo

Meet | Hannah from Bam Loves Boo

Nestled in Brisbane's Northside is the team behind one of our newest children's clothing brand crushes, Bam Loves Boo. The creative genius English-born Hannah and Aussie husband Mike met while traveling and now call Queensland home alongside 18 month old daughter Harlow and fur baby Lily. 

After recently meeting Hannah, it was clear that the brand shares many of our same values, ensuring a small environmental footprint and sustainability within the production process.

What makes Bam Loves Boo's range different is the unique fabrication; a perfect blend of organic bamboo and organic GOTS certified cottons - which means they are beautifully soft, stretchy and breathable for comfortable wear and play.  

Clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces is the design mantra.  Hannah is all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in a eco-friendly and socially responsible way.

 I started by business because I missed the industry and creative outlet whilst on maternity leave. Although every other aspect of my life was fulfilled once Harlow came along, I still felt that I was missing that creative side, and in a way part of me, as I have always loved designing in the fast paced fashion industry and given it everything I had for the past 12 years. Therefore starting my own label seemed like the best way to fill this gap and still achieve the lifestyle I wanted with my family and hence Bam Loves Boo was born.

My typical day looks like early starts, morning plays or a walk to the park to wear both my little one and the dog out before lunchtime naps. I try to cram as much work or house work (or even sometimes a cheeky nap myself) in as possible before Harlow wakes then usually try to catch up with friends in the afternoon for play dates, some sanity, gossip and a walk.

Right now I’m loving cafes with cute little play areas! Harlow is now at the stage where she will play giving me the chance to catch up with other mum’s for a little social break again. Win win!

I’m happiest when surrounded by great friends and their families at BBQ’s and get togethers. I am very lucky that we have a great circle of friends here that help make up for me missing mine back home.

I’m inspired by our daughter for my debut collection, as a first time mum I have learnt so much from her about what is important for a babies range; she has inspired me to design quality made, functional and easy to wear pieces that are timeless and versatile. She has reignited my passion for sustainable ethical fashion. I wanted to ensure all the clothing I created was made from materials and dyes that were going to be as kind and gentle on my babies skin as it is on the environment.

I’d advise my younger self to be happy and live with as little stress as possible. Sure I would like my business to become successful, but not at the cost to my family or happiness. I would like it to be manageable, enjoyable and rewarding and I think if its stops becoming any of that I’ll have to make a change.

My words of wisdom are really cheesy sorry, however it’s the one quote that has stuck with me from a young age after reading on the back of a toilet door whilst travelling… “Life is not measured by the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away”  - it has just always resonated with me and reminds me to make most out of every situation and make the special moments count. Even more so now we have Harlow to value and treasure those precious little moments.


Word | “Alright?” No matter how long I am here in Australia I cannot break the habit of greeting someone with the word “Alright?” Even though it confuses most Aussies I think it’s installed in me forever.

Sound | A really good belly laugh, cant beat it. Whether its Harlow's, friends or a perfect stranger it gets me each time.

SmellRain. I love the smell of rain it always reminds me of home. 

Place | Thailand, this amazing country holds so many diverse memories for me from backpacking as an 19 year old, meeting my husband, traveling years later and then back again for our wedding and honeymoon with our friends and family. It’s a very special place.

Food | Nanna’s Apple crumble and custard, I try to replicate to get my fix and it’s getting closer but never quite the same.

Time of dayI cant lie it would have to be the evening when Harlow is off to bed, I love our bedtime story and hug together but then knowing after that we have the evenings to quickly put the house back together, chill and catch up on the day.

Season | Queensland Winters, perfect clear sunny days but then still those chilly evenings and crisp mornings to get cozy and rugged up.

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