Meet | Astrid from Bubnest


Being in business, particularly a small family run business, can be difficult. The days are a balancing act, the work can be lonely and there are multiple personal and professional challenges to overcome along the way. With the challenges and hard work, there are also so many positives about owning your own small business. Over these years, what we believe to be the biggest positive is the beautiful community we have found. A community full of like minded souls who are also on the same journey as us. 

One company in particular that we have crossed paths with on this journey is Bubnest. We established our businesses around the same time and for similar reasons, leading us to become close friends with the delightful and extremely talented owner.

Astrid, the owner and founder of Bubnest, is a devoted Wife and a loving Mother to three little ones. She is Swedish born but moved to Australia many years ago, and now resides in Brisbane where Bubnest began. 

Bubnest was founded in 2015 after Astrid designed and made a Baby Nest for her youngest bub to facilitate travels overseas whilst visiting family and friends. Bub and Nest became inseparable and she found herself using the Nest around the house, out and about, at dinner parties, whilst exercising, at the beach and more. Astrid soon realised that all parents could benefit from a breather while bub could rest in a familiar environment anywhere at anytime.

Close to Astrid's heart, and one of Bubnest's core values, is the health of the planet and all living creatures - particularly babies. The importance for little ones to rest in an environment free from chemicals and toxins is of high priority and that is why each Baby Nest is crafted from Organic materials, inside and out. Also close to Astrid's heart is keeping production in Australia as it ensures top quality products that are manufactured under fair trade conditions and it also provides flexible working opportunities for women that cannot find the right balance in the 'traditional' corporate world.

With no other Baby Nest on the market quite like it, the Bubnest is one of a kind and such a beautiful addition for every family expecting a baby. Click on the below images to see the full range:

Bubnest Newbie Nest Bubnest Newbie Nest Bubnest Newbie Nest

Over the years Astrid's passion and appreciation for quality craftsmanship has manifested into Bubnest's new ranges which have been forged on a foundation of sustainability. Making pieces that are good for both people and the planet is something has seen Bubnest expand with the creation of Organic Muslin WrapsCot Blankets, Nursing Pads, Burpee Cloths and Nursery Bags 

Although similar to the infamous Baby Nest, the Newbie Nest has been designed to be extra cosy and snug. It is basically a hug in a Nest, perfect for those newborn days. The Newbie Nest is also crafted from 100% organic materials and comes in a beautiful range of colours and patterns. You can take a closer look by clicking any of the images below: 

So jump on over to Bubnest. They truly have so many gorgeous products available for your little babes and the best part is that their products compliment our products so beautifully.

Moses Basket

Over the years many of our amazing Young Folk Collective customers have purchased both a Bubnest plus Young Folk Collective Moses Basket to create a cosy sanctuary for their little one during the early months (if this is something you are interested in also doing, please reach out Bubnest as they can custom make your Baby Nest to size).

Not only that, but here at The Young Folk Collective we love natural fibres, quality products, looking after the planet, and supporting small. So many of our core values align with the core values of Bubnest and we believe that's pretty special.