Meet | Megan O'Brien from Joni Pony

Interview with Megan O'Brien from the nature inspired baby brand Joni Pony
Megan O’Brien spends her days in the Adelaide Hills with husband John, daughter Joni and son Bear illustrating the most darling organic, nature inspired, comfy clothes for your little ones. She self designs all of the artwork for her brand 'Joni Pony', printing onto the softest bodysuits in her home studio.
I started by business because I wanted to stay home with my darling Joni!
My typical day looks like lots of tea, hide and seek, visiting my Mum’s, going round in circles with housework! I work after the kiddies go to bed!
Right now I’m loving a hot water bottle in my bed at night to keep my frozen feet warm – so nice, why didn’t I think of this ages ago!
I’m happiest when when my kids are happy, when I’m painting and when me and the family are doing silly dancing together!
I’m inspired by people who follow their passion and help others while doing it like Jamie Oliver, Bear Grylls and charitable businesses like 'Cuddle and Kind' and my Grandmother who lived her life to the fullest, every second!
I’d advise my younger self to ooh good question ... I have no idea actually! 
Motherhood is a blessing. Testing. Busy. The thing I most want to succeed at. Everything to me!
My words of wisdom are ‘everything in moderation’ (my wise mother taught me this).
Word | Love. 
Sound | My cat purring and my kids laughing.
Smell | My son’s skin… the air at my parent’s farm.
Place | Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe and Glasgow, Scotland and home!
Food | Pasta with garlic.
Time of day | I’m a morning person! Perhaps I should be Spanish because I feel like I need a siesta after lunch.
Book | The Woman Who Waited, Desert Flower and the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series.
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