Convertible Nappy Bags/Backpacks | Hands free when you need to be

Convertible Nappy Bags/Backpacks | Hands free when you need to be

We are proud to partner with ethical Fair Trade cooperative groups, small family businesses, and local Guatemalan artisans to provide you with the highest quality Convertible Nappy Bags/Backpacks on the market. By paying a fair wage, we work to improve the economic well-being to provide a brighter future for individuals and communities.

We are dedicated to help preserve the indigenous heritage, as well as the surrounding environment.

Each nappy backpack bag in our collections is one-of-a-kind handmade by highly skilled artisans from vintage huipils and traditional wool rugs. 

Huipils are the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America, made with fabric woven on a backstrap loom and are heavily decorated with designs woven into the fabric, embroidery, ribbons, lace and more.

Hands free when you need to be... Our Nappy Bags/Backpacks are perfect for those who need hands to wrangle children, ride a bike, carry shopping, the list goes on...

The most versatile bag you will ever own, our design incorporates an everyday handle, crossover body strap and backpack straps... use all at once, or remove depending on your daily adventures. 

The inside of our bags feature a stylish brown lining, with two quick grab pockets and a zip pocket to keep your valuable possessions secure.

Adjustable back straps allow for a comfortable fit.

Our Convertible Nappy Bags/Backpacks are a walking piece of art, each village has their own style and meanings linked to each design, passed down from generation to generation. 

Our bags are made to stand out, with unique designs suited to every taste. Each collection will bring a mixture of incredible patterns and colours.

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