Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap
Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap
Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap
Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap
Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap

Baby Carrier - Bohemian Sands Snap

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These Bohemian Sands Snap baby carriers are ergonomically designed with your lifestyle in mind making transfers simple and breast feeding on the go a breeze.  A modern take on the traditional Mei Tai style baby carrier. This colour perfectly matches tropical sandy beaches.

  • Standard Size with a weight range of 5.5 - 16kg
    • For use from around 4 months (or until baby has good head control) until well into toddlerhood (Panel Height 40cm x Seat Width 39cm) 
  • 3 Carry Positions 
    • Inward-Facing Front, Hip and Back carry options. 
  • Fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps making a comfortable and secure fit for any size.   
  • Buckles at the front so you're not blindly or awkwardly buckling behind your back.
  • Discreetly breastfeed on the go with a simple adjustment of the straps
  • 100% Linen Body for durability, absorbency and breathability making sure you and bub stay cool.  
  • Beautifully handwoven Allo (a nettle fibre common to Nepal) & Cotton front fabric panel woven on traditional looms in Nepal supporting home based women workers provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families.​
  • High performance foam through the shoulder straps that allow a snug and secure fit molding to your body without added bulk with additional layer of bamboo padding for extra comfort. 
  • Straps cross in an X across your back when Front carrying to help evenly distribute the weight of your baby.   They promote a better posture and don't force you to hunch like some carriers can do.
  • Tapered shoulder straps create less bulk under your arms when back carrying. 
  • Ergonomically shaped waistband with soft lightweight foam giving added comfort and support without bulk. 
  • Permanent draw-cord hood to shade baby from the sun or wind. Easily draws up  when not in use. 
  • Padded leg opening for babys comfort.  
  • Much less bulk and packs away into your nappy bag or under your pram without taking up precious space.

Click here to view instruction manual 

All fabrics have been ethically sourced and hand woven by various communities across the world nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level.
​They are then handmade with love by Jemma from Zarpar Bebe on the Northern Beaches of Sydney allowing for premium quality control and our personal assurance of a truly beautiful carrier you will love and treasure.