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The Young Folk Collective

Baby Play Mat - Into the Ocean / Ocean Sunset

$169.00 AUD

Our Australian foam baby playmats are designed by renowned Byron Bay artist Harley and J using her signature bold, yet tasteful colours and repeating pattern

SIDE 1 'Into the Ocean' is an exploration of all the sea mammals in our amazing oceans. A great way to teach our children the importance of conservation and treating our sea life with compassion.

SIDE 2 'Ocean Sunset' brings over the exceptional colour pallet of 'Into the Ocean' into infinite suns and rainbows.

Made from the highest quality polyurethane, our 'Into the Ocean' baby play mat is designed to be a focal point in any room in the house. 

Functional beauty is a core value at The Young Folk Collective, and our new baby play mats may be the finest example of this yet!

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Play mat benefits for your baby:
  • Cognitive, Visual and Motor Skills development.  
  • Stimulates a baby to crawl and use legs, hands and arms to explore.
  • Perfect for tummy time and yoga.

Sizes Description:

  • Size: 180 cm (long) x 130 cm (wide). The same as our product photos.
  • Thickness: 1.5 cm. This is the thickest play mat available on the market and is what we use for all our mats.

Product Description:

  • Highest-quality non-toxic polyurethane.
  • Extremely soft and durable. Think yoga mat!
  • Very easy to clean - Soft damp cloth or mild detergent only.
  • Complies with highest international specifications and standards.
  • Ages 0m+
  • Fully reversible.   
  • Can be rolled up for easy storage or transfer from room-to-room.
  • Completely waterproof.


We ship Australia wide for a flat rate of $14.95.

Unfortunately due to their size, we are unable to offer worldwide shipping

Storage and care instructions:

Information on storage and care instructions in our FAQ.

See our other beautiful styles located here.

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