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Bohemian Sands Wrap Baby Carrier

$219.00 $229.00

For those who love tradition and the snug and close feeling a Mei Tai wrap carry gives you.  
For use from birth until well into toddlerhood.  Weight Limit from 3.2 until 18 kgs.  

  • Tall body panel means your carrier grows as your baby grows.  For smaller babies or newborns simply fold the waist to shorten the body.
    • Panel Height adjustable from 30cm - 47cm 
    • Seat Width adjustable from 18cm - 46cm 
    • Shoulder Strap Length 200cm 
  • Five Carry Positions with many strap tying possibilities
    • Froggie Legs In, Front Inward-Facing, Front Outward-Facing, Hip and Back carry options. 
  • Permanent elastic cinch at waist to adjust the seat width as needed for smaller bubs and front facing carry 
  • Discreetly breastfeed on the go with a simple adjustment of the straps
  • 100% Linen Body for durability, absorbency and breathability to ensure you and bub stay cool. 
  • Beautifully handwoven Allo (a nettle fiber common to Nepal) & Cotton front fabric panel woven on traditional looms in Nepal supporting home based women workers provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families.​
  • Soft Bamboo padding through shoulder straps to ensure bub ins't sucking any nasties making this a 100% natural carrier.
  • Permanent draw-cord hood to shade baby from the sun or wind. Easily draws up when not in use. 
  • Much less bulk than standard carriers and packs away into your nappy bag or under your pram without taking up precious space.

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All fabrics have been ethically sourced and hand woven by various communities across the world nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level.


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